Connected-TV must rework programmatic standards to bag lucrative contracts

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November 11, 2021, 4:46 PM GMT+0

CTV advertising must get rid of bottlenecks like uncertain delivery to fragmented audiences and scammers spoofing inventory.

CTV today commands over a billion subscriptions and a third of overall home entertainment and box office revenue. Yet, traditional TV ad spend continues to be five times the ad spend on CTV. Inventory signals and an identifier can help the CTV marketplace to connect viewers as they move from one app to another.

This way, CTV can boost reach, frequency management and addressability. The CTV space must focus on a simplified supply path for CTV impressions, combined with a common framework to facilitate server-to-server transactions.

Similarly, standards like ads.cert 2.0 and other cryptographic security protocols can help secure the CTV supply chain. Such standards will enable publishers and advertisers to gain complete knowledge and transparency of each transaction. This will further boost the legitimacy of each impression.

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