Leverage various types of blog posts to convey business value

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November 11, 2021, 2:02 AM GMT+0

Leverage various types of blog posts to convey business value

These types could range from listicles to thought leadership, interviews, guest posts, comparison, and many more.

Businesses could do well to leverage blog posts that can demonstrate business value. Blogs can be of varying types, and the types hold the possibility of crossovers among them. The listicle type of blog posts can be based either on statistics or on sharing advice.

Statistics-based listicles work well to generate traffic, whereas those based on advice allow users to stay longer on the page they’ve landed on. Blogs containing roundups are effective for sharing post-event takeaways, conference insights, curated resources and newsworthy industry announcements.

Such blogs are good sources for users to get practical information quickly. Blogs also provide companies with prime real estate to publish data from proprietary research, analytics or trends from technical research, experiment findings and survey or poll results.   

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