Marketers today are focusing on brand language to build brand connect

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November 11, 2021, 3:58 PM GMT+0

82% agree their organisations would benefit from data that gives them insights into how consumers respond to brand language.

A Phrasee survey of 300 marketers in the organisation across ecommerce, travel, communication, finance and other sectors has revealed heightened importance attached to brand language. About 91% of senior marketers say brand language is a core part of their marketing strategies.

88% of them agree that brand language helps with brand connect. This number had increased from 74% last year. 63% of the respondents would consider using AI to generate and optimise copies.

Early in 2020, only 36% of marketers had relied on AI for a brand copy. Marketers, though, are not keen on testing messages to identify what works best with target audiences. 48% of them find testing too time-consuming, while 31% claim top management does not support trials of new technology.

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