Social media live shopping can help brands offer intimate, seamless CX

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November 11, 2021, 3:03 PM GMT+0

With live shopping features, brands can replicate in-store shopping experiences in a post-pandemic digital world.

For the longest time, brands have stuck to either selling their products on social media or engaging with their target audiences. Combining both the goals in a singular effort have often been tagged too complicated and risky. But with developments this past year, like Amazon launching Amazon Live for influencers, and TikTok collaborating with Shopify, brands must respond to the pandemic-induced rise in online shopping.

Businesses can use live shopping features on social media to shop for products as soon as they see them displayed online. This is the closest brands can get while replicating in-store shopping experiences digitally.

In addition to shopping on social media, brands can also facilitate entertainment-led shopping experiences on social media platforms. This will help brands adapt to fast-emerging digital consumptions behaviours and influencer marketing.

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