Use memes that align with the brand’s online identity

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November 11, 2021, 5:06 PM GMT+0

But, make sure the memes are relatable, creative and indirect.

Memes can be powerful tools that brands can leverage to drive engagement on their digital channels. With the humour element, memes can help build online communities. Additionally, memes are free and can engage audiences, create a sense of association, and inspire loyalty without appearing “too salesy”. Brands can also use memes to reach out to a customer who might be aware of the brand.

Using memes can help marketers make their brand relatable. But, brands must make sure their memes are delivered at the appropriate timings. Keep an eye on social platforms to create memes on trending topics. However, brands should also avoid going in blind or desperate.

Before putting a meme on public forums, consider the prospects’ age, cultural background, and economic class. Further, creating relatable, creative and indirect memes can help brands stand out. They should also keep in mind that the social content must support their online identity. Before publishing memes, brands should know their target audience, figure out their online identity and create a timely theme to engage with audiences effectively.

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