Omnichannel shoppers are more open to discovering new products online

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November 16, 2021, 11:10 AM GMT+0

The latest Cartology-The Lab survey of more than 1000 Australian consumers found that grocery shoppers today prefer fluidity between in-store and online channels.

Three in ten consumers surveyed claim to be omnichannel shoppers, of which, 57% are men and 43% are women. A vast majority of these shoppers are situated in metro locations and are between 18 and 34 years of age. The study further that customers today are increasingly opting to research online and then buy in-store.

Around 61% of online customers research online and then buy in-store within four days. Additionally, 38% of the respondents say they are keen to hear from and stumble upon new brands. According to the report, 78% of omnichannel shoppers are more open to discovering new products online. More than eight in ten are also confident in their ability to shop online.

Even with the uptake in online shopping, 89% of grocery sales are still recorded from in-store transactions. In fact, 74% of the respondents prefer in-store purchasing. Cartology’s Jodie Koning said, “Because of what has been happening, that need to touch, feel, be connected, smell the fruit and all of those things has become top of mind for customers.”

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