Write emails with appropriate conjunctions and questions to drive CTRs

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November 16, 2021, 4:48 PM GMT+0

Include negative phrases in the email copy like “Don’t pay extra” to motivate recipients twice as much. 

Optimising emails can help brands improve their email open and click-through rate. According to Worldata, including brackets or parentheses in subject lines can drive email open rates by 31%. Brands should consider closely spacing before-and-after images in the email body, avoid writing out numbers, and make compelling arguments in email copies with conjunctions like "because”.

Brands should also proofread emails for errors, and capitalise words only when they are crucial, as excessive capitalisation can come across as yelling. Anchoring the readers with one relevant question in emails, crafting newsletters with a personal touch, and allowing users to reply can further help boost conversions.

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