Offer free trials, personalise messages to retain SaaS customers

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November 17, 2021, 5:22 PM GMT+0

SaaS businesses need to make their customer feel that the company genuinely wants to solve their problems.

Start by offering free trials of their product to help them understand how the company can meet their needs. Businesses can choose between freemium, paid trails, money-back guarantee schemes and free trials. Make sure the product is easy to use, helps consumers save their resources, and quickly solves pain points.

This way, satisfied customers can build on positive word of mouth and boost sales for the company. Similarly, make sure clients have help and support from the company available 24/7 for all their queries and problems after purchasing the product.

72% of customers are more likely to interact with brands if their messages are personalised. For companies with a lean team, marketers can personalise messages by segmenting their audiences by job function or industry.

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