Repurpose evergreen content to expand audience reach organically

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November 17, 2021, 3:40 PM GMT+0

This piece suggests how publishers can repurpose their content to grow engagement organically and reach new audiences.

While an average piece of online content has a three-day lifespan, evergreen articles are not tied to any specific news events and do not have an expiration date. Repurposing evergreen content can help brands enhance their engagement, reach as well as SEO efforts. To reuse evergreen content, brands must identify content pieces that are repurpose-worthy.

Using historical data from analytics can help marketers find content that performed well in the past and is still garnering audience attention. After identifying high-performing pieces consistently, update old information with relevant data and then repurpose the content. But, consider factors like usefulness, clarity, tone, shareability while updating evergreen content. Using relevant keywords and content tagging can further help make the content accessible to readers.

Evergreen content can also fill up gaps in the content calendar. Push repurposed evergreen content through social platforms and emails during gaps in the calendar. To promote content effectively and engage new visitors on the site, create dedicated web pages that house evergreen content and make a “start here” page that explains basic terminology. 

Marketers should create a social media strategy around evergreen content and highlight evergreen content on the site’s homepage or in the blog sidebar. Further, consider crafting ebooks from the content series, turning interviews or internal knowledge into podcasts to create refreshed visitor experiences with repurposed content.

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