Add an element of fun in lead capture forms to get visitors’ attention 

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November 18, 2021, 5:44 PM GMT+0

Apart from offering special discounts and premium content, brands can also consider creating gamified forms.

Featured on brand websites, lead capture forms offer visitors some value or reward in exchange for the contact information. Apart from offering webinars, checklists and white papers, brands can also gamify lead capture forms and include a fun element like spin-the-wheel games for visitors.

While brands can create blog posts to address customers’ queries, about 86% of consumers said they like watching videos from their favourite brands. Brands can create various videos, ranging from explainer videos and product reviews to interviews and video testimonials.

Online courses are also an effective tool to engage audiences and capture leads. Marketers must ensure that these courses are on topics that the target audience finds attractive. Additionally, user-generated content also helps capture leads along with building brand trust.

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