A recognisable logo is crucial in building a strong online brand presence

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November 18, 2021, 8:56 AM GMT+0

Creating a business logo that is recognisable is not only beneficial for the company as a whole, but more particularly, it supports digital PR efforts.

Having a recognisable logo allows a brand to create an emotional connection, convey brand values and informs potential customers about the business. Since digital PR efforts aim to create and increase a brand’s online presence, being armed with a recognisable logo can help with that.

Logos let businesses set themselves apart from competitors. The article recommends conducting competitor research for logos before creating one’s own. Further, a recognisable logo is a contributor towards a strong brand identity.

The colours, tones and fonts in a logo must be chosen depending on the story the brand is looking to convey. Choose interesting designs and colour schemes and avoid making the logo too complex.

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