Data connectivity systems can help advertise effectively while protecting customer data

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November 19, 2021, 5:04 PM GMT+0

But, publishers and advertisers need to address many technical problems associated with shared data systems.

IAB Tech Lab seeks to create a standardised way for publishers to signal the nature of their audiences in the bid request to prospective buyers. The author contends publishers could use a proposal like this within their environment to take a list of encrypted IDs from a brand’s data environment and align with their audience without exposing more than necessary data.

To share data using these new systems, companies would have to house their data within multiple vendors. They should establish some level of interoperability between these vendors.

The next wave of programmatic is expected to correct the “oversharing” of the past and help brands build a protected data environment without compromising advertising effectiveness or reach. Historically, in the programmatic industry, the amount of data shared via cookie matches has often exceeded what is necessary for the partnership, especially from the consumer privacy standpoint.

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