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November 19, 2021, 5:16 PM GMT+0

With technology advancing and consumer behaviour regularly changing, creating effective, engagement, and useful content is increasingly challenging.

While marketers know "who" they want to create content, they often miss out on passing this information to content creators. Creating content without audience information or the right set of keywords or the correct messaging – will affect its ROI.

Marketers must always explain to content creators who they are writing for, what that reader will get from the content and what result the marketers can expect from the content. While creating a content brief, marketers must clarify their intent, searcher's intent, and detailed keyword intent so that content that attracts readers and provides clarity about the piece's intent to search engines.

Instead of sharing only a brochure or website, marketers should let content creators experience the product/service to understand the brand better. With a proper understanding of the brand, content creators can create more meaningful content. Further, consider factors like the buyer's stage in the sales funnel, consistency of content creation, brand voice, CTAs and SEO.

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