Think beyond individual identity to thrive in the cookie-less future

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November 19, 2021, 4:55 PM GMT+0

With most browsers, including Chrome phasing out third-party cookies, advertisers must find new and effective ways of targeting consumers.

As of June 2021, 80% of the online transaction were still dependent on the use of third-party cookies. Instead of waiting for a “magic bullet” solution to the loss of cookies, advertisers and publishers must take time to understand the complexity of the challenge and find alternative strategies to fill the void created by third-party cookies.

To collect and use authenticated and consented first-party data, publishers must clarify the value exchange with their audiences and advertisers alike. Educating customers is crucial for a steady flow of first-party data.

Provide a consumer-focussed dialogue stating precisely what, why and how their personal data will be used. But, publishers should also leverage alternative targeting solutions like contextual targeting, modelled solutions and browser and app frameworks.

A recent study shows that 74% of vendors consider contextual targeting a top strategy for the upcoming loss of third-party cookies. To drive relevant advertising in a non-addressable environment there needs to be more action on diverse fronts. On scaling addressability, simplifying first-party data activation, accelerating connection between marketers and publishers, and thinking beyond identity.

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