Convey product benefits in the lead of sales copies to drive sales

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November 23, 2021, 2:41 AM GMT+0

Use a combination of pictures, promises and persuasive tactics while writing effective sales copies.

To develop compelling sales copies, attract reader attention and to prompt them to purchase, brands must understand the copy's intrinsic structure and goals. Because headlines act as an ad for the copy, writing headlines that align with prospects’ core beliefs, goals and needs is recommended.

The first 150-170 words after the headline, known as the lead, should communicate benefits and the audiences it is targeted at, to build rapport with prospects. Write bullet points with a preview of product benefits without disclosing how they're obtained to pique readers' interest.

Include elements of novelty, mystery, promise, and imagery in bullet points to steer audiences towards actionable steps. Integrate subheads, bullet points and sections in the body to pursue prospects, without losing their attention.

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