Experiment with features, tools and music when creating short-form videos

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November 23, 2021, 5:00 PM GMT+0

While marketers must embrace short-form, multi-frame videos to engage audiences, experimenting is key.

Spurred by TikTok's success, Instagram's new features and Facebook's updates to video distribution, short-form videos are now a tool to reckon with for brands and marketers. Marketers must incorporate a similar spirit of experimentation while creating short-form videos.

Along with using trending music in the videos, brands can also use text on the screen to further a story and provide more information to users. Marketers can also use platform-specific features, like TikTok's feature, where a female voice narrates text during the video.

Marketers must use relevant hashtags and create short-form videos unique to different platforms. Although the brand should consider using new high-quality equipment to shoot their videos, marketers must focus on their content and the brand message to draw audiences.

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