Target product returns, personalise offerings with ecommerce filtering tools

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November 23, 2021, 3:44 PM GMT+0

Ecommerce filtering tools enable brands to offer customers curated products that perfectly suit their preferences.

By streamlining search results, brands can offer personalised solutions for site visitors, encouraging them to complete their transactions. As for brands themselves, filtering tools help them understand their audience better. For example, if an increasing number of visitors search for a combination of parameters more than often, brands can notice a trend that interests a new audience.

Marketers can also identify ingenious uses for their products. Brands can also request customers to sign up on email lists for curated content or expert product recommendations. Additionally, by displaying products that tend to their preferences effectively, brands can also reduce product returns.

Filtering tools can also help brands convey their values and commitment to specific causes. One of the filter brands can use, for one, can be plastic-free products.

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