Avoid obsessing over an activist image and focus on delivering real solutions

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November 24, 2021, 4:39 PM GMT+0

Customers today are increasingly turning their back on businesses that overtly focus on positioning themselves as an activist brand. 

Instead of simply donning the role of an "activist brand", brands must focus on helping shoppers find solutions to their problems. Customers are no longer interested in the values that guide businesses, given how brand values are now perceived to have become a commodity. 

People today associate with brands that help them achieve specific goals. These can range from assisting consumers in living a greener or vegan lifestyle or simply saving money. Similarly, brands must create an inclusive movement that involves the customers to deliver sustainability at scale. 

Brands that had already carved a niche by championing such causes are now being challenged by competing brands with their own activist stand on different causes. This means that positioning themselves as activists is no longer enough for brands to approach customers.

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