Having an in-house content marketing team helps convey a brand’s true voice

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November 24, 2021, 2:02 AM GMT+0

Have buy-in from the entire organisation, including the leadership, before hiring a content marketing team.

Brands should evaluate potential candidates, decide on the team structure, and establish relevant goals for the content marketing team to achieve, to assemble the right content marketing team. A content marketing team should ideally consist of a content manager, writers, videographers, designers/developers, and a social media manager.

With the roles ranging from content creation to quality assurance, and more, carefully evaluating the candidates’ skill-set and professional experience is recommended. Ensure the sales team is collaborating with the newly created content team to convert leads into paying consumers.

Build an in-house team, as this team will be more dedicated and help encapsulate the brand’s true voice. A team can help businesses draft and publish marketing content like blogs, videos, email campaigns and more.

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