Strike the right human-machine intelligence balance for supply chain solutions

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November 26, 2021, 2:59 PM GMT+0

Despite the pivot to automation, companies need to determine the right level of contribution from humans and machine intelligence in finding solutions.

While machine intelligence and advanced analytics have become crucial in supply chain models, maintaining human intelligence is equally important. Companies need to strike the right balance where humans make decisions, rely on advanced analytics and intervene in the decision-making process only when needed.

Supply chains are today coping with talent retirement, increased mobility and emphasis on technical skills. These factors make it necessary to capture human knowledge while making decisions. For example, when supply chains take the crowdsourcing strategy to decision-making, humans can contribute their insights based on domain knowledge.

Machines, on their part, can bring analytics-generated insights. When it comes to data literacy, an organisation can better train employees to understand data and analytics to augment machines in line with business requirements. 

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