Audio platforms are reshaping the world of influencer marketing

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November 29, 2021, 4:52 PM GMT+0

Though social audio is still relatively young, the number of audio creators are increasing.

With the evolution of audio platforms, brands can capitalise on marketing opportunities through partnerships with the most influential voices. Audio platforms like Clubhouse, Twitter and Spaces give influencers a forum to express their thoughts and opinions freely and opportunity – adding a layer of authenticity that other channels lack.

Brands can convey their messages with these social audio channels and significantly influence the perceptions and feelings of their consumers. Additionally, these audio-only channels can bring new perspectives and thought leadership to various topics affecting the world.

In general, podcast hosts are very knowledgeable about specific niche topics – enabling better audience segmentation and more meaningful connection with niche audiences. Moreover, audio channels also provide brands with greater accessibility for younger influencers as well as audiences. As a result, organisations that partner with audio influencers would develop far-reaching, effective marketing strategies.

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