Brands should optimise their landing pages with behavioural segmentation

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December 01, 2021, 1:18 PM GMT+0

A Marketing Week study found that 44% of marketers reported using behavioural segmentation more frequently than other types of segmentation.

Leveraging behavioural targeting can help brands personalise their landing pages for more conversions. In fact, 91% of marketers consider behavioural segmentation as the most effective kind of segmentation. This type of segmentation refers to the practice of organising an audience into categories based on their behaviour with the business.

While using behavioural data in segmentation, brands should consider four categories of purchase behaviour – complex, dissonance-reducing, habitual, variety-seeking. They should also segment customers by the level of their brand loyalty as 99% of satisfied customers would buy from the same brand again.  

Further, consider each audience’s preferred benefits as customers look for different sets of advantages to the product. It can help marketers tailor the landing pages based on the perks that matter most to each group. Using social proofs in landing pages can further compel online visitors to complete the purchase and eventually, improve conversions.

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