Native email ads can help brands limit ad-related disruption in branded emails

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December 01, 2021, 5:35 PM GMT+0

Marketers should focus on delivering an optimum UX through their email newsletters.

When used correctly, an email list can become a significant source of revenue for brands. Native ads, in particular, are one of the least disruptive ad formats that marketers can rely on to offer a seamless reading experience in an email newsletter.

Brands can use Google Ad Manager to include native ads in their email. For this, marketers need to first create the native ad, ad unit, order and line item. Next, generate the tag for the ad unit and place it in the newsletter.

Similarly, brands can also contact service providers to bring in demand for the brand’s email ad inventory and take care of all the groundwork required to set up native ads in the newsletter. In case marketers are managing a small operation, a single campaign or cross-promoting the brand’s own products, they can even manually add native email ads.

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