Collect physical world data to boost sales using QR codes

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December 02, 2021, 1:55 AM GMT+0

Physical world engagement QR platforms offer first-party data like weather, location, and more, and help brands understand consumer behaviour.

The QR code technology in smartphones has become imperative for contactless connections. Picking a QR platform that provides pertinent content and enables the integration of first-party data into existing systems is advisable, to benefit from the physical-to-digital connectivity.

However, brands are unable to fully comprehend and take advantage of persuasive moments with QR, due to the lack of insights into how consumers behave in the real world. Evaluating the benefits of varied QR platforms can help businesses gather physical world data and fully leverage QR capabilities.

Implementing physical-world QR codes can help brands gather insights like conversion rates across cities, analyse heat maps and more. Retailers can use QR codes to collect consumer data via gamified shopping experiences, incentives, and targeted questions.

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