Experiment with different content types and formats to gain traction on social media

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December 02, 2021, 12:26 PM GMT+0

To successfully engage customers on social platforms, marketers must ensure they avoid using the same content across different online platforms.

Customers engage with each platform differently. For example, LinkedIn is where users build their professional network, while 66% of Instagram users interact with brands on the platform. If marketers end up reusing the same content across all channels, the content may get too old, too soon for users following the brand on multiple platforms.

Brands must study their audiences thoroughly and identify their interests, subcultures, pain points and purchase behaviours. It can help marketers deliver relevant and interesting content across social channels. About 67% of users unfollow a branded account if they find the content to be irrelevant. They should also consider including multimedia elements like videos and animated infographics in the social content to engage followers effectively.

Marketers should also use CTAs that are relevant, realistic, logical and easy to understand. Listening to customer feedback and analysing engagement metrics can further help companies optimise social content and landing pages for maximum customer engagement. While brands should be active on social platforms, they should avoid publishing excessive content to avoid coming across as overly self-promotional or annoying.

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