Focus more on disability-friendly design to enhance the user experience

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December 03, 2021, 4:59 PM GMT+0

Along with enhancing individual experiences, disability-friendly features make the product better for all kinds of people.

The key to creating disability-friendly design is to adopt an approach that treats accessibility as customisation, not as an extra feature for users with disabilities. This kind of approach to disability-friendly design is underlined by the curb-cut effect.

The curb-cut effect refers to when a ramp is built into a sidewalk that slopes down to a street. While the primary purpose of a ramp is to enable easy access for wheelchairs, a curb cut actually helps many others, including those riding bikes, skateboards or scooters and people walking with canes among others.

The article contends that while accessibility features like Dark mode, Assistant and Live Captions benefit users with disabilities, they also enhance individual experiences in general.

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