Leveraging off-page SEO tactics can help brands get featured in online discussions

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December 08, 2021, 3:00 PM GMT+0

Off-page SEO tactics like link building and content marketing can help brands’ improve their websites’ search rankings.

While on-page SEO tactics like including keywords in the site content are important, brands must also consider utilising off-page SEO tactics to enhance their marketing. Along with approaching website owners for potential backlink opportunities, marketers can also consider guest-posting and writing insightful articles for other blogs or sites.

When approaching websites for backlink opportunities, marketers must consider factors like authority and relevance. Businesses can also look for “linkless mentions” and ask for hyperlinks to boost credibility as well as search rankings. They can find such link building opportunities by proactively taking part in discussion forums and social media.

Search engines consider brand mentions as a trust signal towards the business. So, brands must build a strong community on social platforms, identify what type of content interests their followers and create high-quality relevant content. It can not only help brands improve their content’s search ranking but also increase the chances of going viral.

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