Optimising pages for Core Web Vitals metrics can help boost search rankings

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December 08, 2021, 11:34 AM GMT+0

With Google expected to increase the ranking significance of Core Web Vitals update in 2022, businesses must optimise pages for this update.

The Page Experience Update, based on Google's Core Web Vitals metrics, assesses three signals, namely, "Largest Content Paint," "First Input Delay," and "Cumulative Layout Shift." Optimising websites and web pages for Core Web Vitals can help businesses boost their URL's search rankings.

Optimising web pages according to the Core Web Vitals signals can also help brands boost visibility and reach. To improve the Cumulative Layout Shift, use facades for late-loading content to hold the place for content that appears after the page has loaded. This will prevent the page from being reorganised and reduce the time it takes to change the layout in a five-second session.

To optimise for Largest Contentful Paint, place large elements like images and ads below the fold of the page. Providing interactive features, like cookie preference, early in the page loading session can help reduce the time it takes for a user to make their first click for the First Input Delay metric. Further, avoid removing valuable links from interactive elements like images.

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