Why publishers must develop a strong, privacy-compliant first-party data strategy?

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December 08, 2021, 10:15 AM GMT+0

With Apple launching its ATT framework and Google set to enforce similar privacy updates to Android devices, adapting to these changes is the only option for advertisers and publishers.

To get around Apple and Android's privacy constraints, app publishers can offer advertisers privacy-compliant, first-party consumer data from their sites and apps without the Mobile Advertising IDs (MAIDs). Advertisers and publishers should also leverage real-time targeting on first-page views and contextual advertising to collect first-party data effectively.

Developing long-term first-party data solutions can help publishers gain valuable insights into customer behaviour for advertising. Publishers can also monetise the data obtained from their apps to boost revenue and increase value.

Enhancing direct customer relationships and collecting varied types of first-party data is recommended. Mobile app publishers must be transparent about their data collection process, offer value by enhancing in-app user experiences, and test-new privacy complaint tech to encourage users to opt-in and collect first-party data with consent.

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