Cross-shadowing can help align different departments and drive sales

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December 09, 2021, 11:12 AM GMT+0

Sales and marketing alignment will lead to more creative problem-solving, employee retention, and increased agility.

Businesses are predicted to lose over $1 trillion each year due to misaligned sales and marketing teams. Misalignment can lead to a lack of confidence between the two departments. Brands must first identify functional and dysfunctional sales-marketing alignment before rectifying the misalignment.

Introduce cross-shadowing by asking marketing team members to listen to sales calls regularly and conduct debriefing meetings for sales and marketing teams to ensure alignment. Auditing sales enablement content, taking stock of existing inventory, and listing content collaterals helps strategically align sales and marketing on content.

Host frequent brainstorming sessions on topics like FAQ from prospects, sales-related questions, and more across both departments. For optimal alignment, provide information like the lead’s source, content formats preferred by prospects and more.

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