Highlight consumer pain points in the subject line to grab the audience attention

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December 09, 2021, 2:18 PM GMT+0

Identify the reader’s interests, desires, and needs, and use that information in the email subject line to cut through the noise.

An average consumer receives 126 emails in their inbox every day. No surprise then, brands need to make their emails stand out among their competitors’ emails. The first step to do so is by mentioning their customers’ pain points in the subject line itself. It will help marketers anchor readers’ attention.

Marketers can then elaborate on how the brand can solve issues in the email’s main content. Next, offer personalised messages and relevant content to keep readers invested. Add a human touch and tell readers an emotional story to make the email content more relatable. Using social proof can help brands establish credibility and win more audiences.

Instead of dictating an idea, be approachable and conversationally share knowledge. But, marketers must maintain consistency and a friendly tone throughout their branded emails. Engaging audiences through short surveys can further help marketers boost email open rates, inspire audiences and generate ideas for future content.

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