Corporate responsibility and brand values impact decision making in advertising

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December 10, 2021, 1:54 PM GMT+0

Advertiser Perceptions polled 250 advertisers and marketers across agencies and organisations to highlight the role of corporate responsibility and brand values in media buying.

According to the report, 81% of companies and agency partners agree that corporate responsibility and brand values have had a more significant impact on decision-making than in previous years. Also, four out of five marketers want more control over ads placements and a better understanding of how much money they make from those placements.

Moreover, even if media partners deliver on performance, 60% of marketers are ready to downgrade or drop them if they fail to meet their expectations, compared to 18% in February 2020. Of those polled, 39% have slashed advertising spending with a major platform in 2021.

Hatred and misinformation were listed by 54% of advertisers as reasons for leaving a platform. 51% left due to underperformance. Anti-racism and social justice ranked the highest when it came to advertiser expectations around brand safety, according to 38% of the respondents. Sarah Bolton of Advertiser Perceptions says advertisers are “assessing brand suitability through a lens, specific to their brand and corporate values”.

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