Publishing relevant videos and blogs can help manufacturing brands augment sales

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December 10, 2021, 2:43 PM GMT+0

To strengthen the brand’s online presence and branding, create content assets like corporate profile videos.

B2B companies must update both their digital tools and traditional tactics to enhance manufacturing marketing strategy and generate leads. Make content skimmable, atomise content with quality images, frequently post blogs addressing pain points, publish videos on the site to boost manufacturing marketing efforts.

Manufacturing brands must focus on buyer goals rather than just focusing on lead generation. Consult engineers, procurement managers, and MROs to better understand B2B customers, their difficulties, preferences, and more to craft content that addresses their problems.

With video marketers getting 83% more qualified leads per year, manufacturers can incorporate video marketing strategies to attract prospective consumers and drive sales. A/B test digital marketing assets like emails, PPC ads, and track metrics like online interactions and engagement levels to increase conversions.

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