Auction package-driven addressability will help target advertising better

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December 13, 2021, 6:16 PM GMT+0

With auction packages, brands can achieve addressability to reduce data leakage, increase inventory value, and maximise the right customers' reach.

The constant barrage of online ads has desensitised Customers to the medium. To counter this, Advertisers can rely on solutions like auction packages to serve relevant ads to target audiences and maximise their advertising ROI. Auction packages enable advertisers to layer key audience segments and adopt a contextually driven approach for scale.

Similarly, agency buyers are curating different tailor-made auction packages for specific advertisers, differentiated by various audiences and channels. Nonetheless, wide-scale adoption of addressability is not without challenges.

Some of them include a lack of scale for first-party data and budget to test the effectiveness of addressability campaign activation. To counter such roadblocks, tech provers need to work closely with publishers to introduce addressability in a consent-centric manner and make it easier for the industry to adopt auction packages.

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