The public sees a stance on data ethics as part of the brand values and ethics.

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December 13, 2021, 5:53 PM GMT+0

By going beyond mere data and privacy law compliance, businesses can build consumer trust and leverage crucial first-party data.

Building on consumer trust is particularly crucial today, given how most customers feel they have less control over their data and how businesses collect it. Moreover, consumers see the brand’s ethics and values in general as an extension of their position on data ethics.

Brands must ensure their data ethics-related decisions affect the company, beginning right from the top level. Similarly, companies must convince consumers that their data collection and data usage practices are ethical.

When using invasive technologies like those that predict personal behaviour or use facial and voice recognition, brands should be explicit when seeking permission and inform customers about data use. Businesses must give customers more control over their data and a clear view of how exactly they use data.

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