This kind of segmentation can help local brands target their niche

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December 15, 2021, 4:01 PM GMT+0

Targeting customers geographically can help brands offer products relevant to location, climate and culture.

Using geographic segmentation, brands can group their audiences based on their physical location. This approach is vital for brands looking to tap into the differences in time zone, culture and people across different locations, sometimes even within the same country.

For example, offering snow gear for a customer in the middle of summer is no use to either the brand or the customers. Apart from message differentiation based on climate, geographic segmentation enables brands to narrow their approach to as small a niche as zip codes. This kind of segmentation works exceptionally well for local businesses.

Businesses can even reflect such geographical nuances on their landing pages. Website landing pages can show pictures of people commuting in a city and target an urban population.

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