Its in the eyes: How a model’s direct gaze impacts engagement

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December 15, 2021, 5:42 PM GMT+0

Direct eye gaze works well when brands aim at engaging viewers in dialogue, like educational and gaming content. 

A VidMob report has revealed that a direct gaze by a model in a video ad lead to higher click rates. While the direction of a model’s eye gaze can positively impact performance metrics, the results can also differ based on context. 

For instance, a global gaming brand included in the study reported that direct eye gaze in the opening frame of a Facebook video ad led to a 10% decline in cost per install (CPI).  Indirect gaze, however, worked with other sectors and lifted click and view rates for sports, lifestyle and medical content.

Direct gazes combined with positive facial expressions proved beneficial for app install campaigns. VidMob analysed 1.1 million digital ads on platforms like Facebook, Snapchat and Google.

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