Revisit and update old pieces of brand content to make them relevant

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December 16, 2021, 4:55 PM GMT+0

While creating new brand content is an essential exercise, it is equally necessary for brands to weed out underperforming and outdated content.

Marketers need to begin by reviewing brand content and identifying content that is no longer relevant to the organisation or the target audience. Deleting old content can result in a significant increase in pageviews and organic traffic. Similarly, brands can also enjoy better SEO results.

Brands can then try to update the content. This can be done by including new data points, adding content and editing anything, which is no longer relevant.

At this point, marketers can also optimise the content according to the brand’s current SEO strategy. The reworked content can then be republished and promoted on social channels, newsletters, and podcasts. While doing so, brands must mention when the article was initially published.

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