Place videos at the top of the webpage, use a floating-player module to spur views

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December 17, 2021, 1:20 PM GMT+0

Brands need to pay attention to video strategies that can help them stand out among the competition and boost traffic.

Instead of placing the videos far down the page, webpages must feature them above the fold or at the top to avoid missing fast-moving holiday traffic. Publishers can also use a float-on-scroll feature where video players modules remain visible wherever the user scrolls on the page.

This way, brands can ensure customers notice their content. Similarly, brands can rely on video thumbnails that display a five-second clip loop on mute instead of static images.

Besides offering a preview of the content, video thumbnails can also help brands boost their overall video views by 15%. While creating playlists, brands must ensure the playlist content flows naturally and is coherent enough to work as a narrative.

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