Communicate a brand’s purpose via a well-designed site to increase conversions

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December 21, 2021, 3:51 AM GMT+0

A healthy amount of white space could help with navigation and make a site's visual aspects stand out.

Developing a carefully planned and well-designed website can drive traffic to the site, enhance users’ journey and experience and boost conversions. Create clear, quality, and consistent visual branding elements like logos, colours and more, across channels including the website and social networks to build awareness.

Using high-quality and authentic images relevant to the brand. Integrating engaging videos on the site is recommended to easily convey information and improve the browsing experience. Craft clear and persuasive copies that align with the sites’ visual appearance. Brands can also add animation on their website to engage users and retain them.

All site elements, including the web copies, graphics, and videos, should effectively communicate the site's objective. Building a site via the maximalism approach entails using bold colours and imagery, which could help attract prospects. Designing a site based on “well-known conventions” or design formats, creating content on trending topics with compelling typography, placing micro-actions with clear CTAs, and using social proof like testimonials and more can help brands develop engaging websites.

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