Invest in employees and use a human-centric approach to leverage AI effectively

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December 22, 2021, 12:03 PM GMT+0

Closing the loop between AI-powered solutions and the decisions of human agents can help brands in rectifying and improving predictions.

The prospect of AI-powered chatbots handling customer concerns without human intervention has been overstated, causing businesses to underinvest in human resources to manage the machinery. To get out of this "automation hangover", firms must use AI to assist human agents rather than aiming to imitate human intelligence.

Brands can identify and prioritise areas for improvement based on a thorough understanding of the agents' workflow process end-to-end. Develop and apply human-centric methods to ensure augmentation solutions powered by AI deliver on the brand goals.

Trusting human employees over the AI-tech stack can help brands offer improved solutions. While AI offers significant value, businesses need to tackle human challenges with human-centric solutions.

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