Google is no longer the most visited web domain in the world

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December 23, 2021, 5:22 PM GMT+0

TikTok, the social media upstart, has pushed Google from its perch at the top of rankings

Cloudflare's latest report indicates that ByteDance-owned short-video app TikTok was the most visited domain in 2021. The social media platform is already the fastest-growing social network and has more than a billion users.

Tech Giant Google has been the most visited web domain globally for 15 years. For most of this time, its hegemony has been unchallenged. The last time another site vied with it for the top spot was Yahoo. And, that was almost a decade ago.

Despite the efforts to copy its extremely viral-friendly format, TikTok remains more popular among teenagers than Instagram or Snapchat. It has emerged as a real threat to established tech giants like Facebook and Twitter. Analysts project that despite its current dominance, the platform still has a lot of headroom to grow.

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