Look beyond UGC obsession if you want to address customer queries

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December 23, 2021, 2:25 PM GMT+0

Brands should add video ads to their marketing mix as customers see themselves in the ad and can relate to its stories – necessary for boosting conversions.

Instead of starting an ad by unveiling a product or service, brands should lead with the value and build a relationship before starting pitching. To show value, brands should first find out what their clients or prospects care about, their pain points and how the brand can position their solution.

Marketers should also think beyond their obsession with using testimonials or user-generated content as their ad creative. While UGC can be an invaluable asset for marketers, UGC is ineffective when the buyer is not aware of their problem or the solution they are looking for. So before using UGC, brands should understand where their audience is in the buyer journey.

While writing the script of ad videos, follow a four-part outline: relate, rile, reveal and release. First, build an experience the customer can relate to. Then, get them riled up by expressing the emotional piece of the story. In this step, highlight the available solutions that do not always work – like installing a complicated filter under the sink. Brands can then use social proof to reveal the product/service with someone else’s story to make a lasting impact and boost conversions.

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