Create persona-based onboarding experiences to enhance customer experience

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December 24, 2021, 12:01 PM GMT+0

According to Salesforce, nearly 80% of global customers consider brand experience critical to their buying process.

Marketers should pay more attention to immersive user onboarding in order to build a long-term relationship with their audience. To create a compelling user onboarding experience, personalise each user experience. Each element of the onboarding process, from welcome messages to self-help guides, should be created based on audience profile.

Make sure each element is relevant to the targeted user. As customisation is the key to curated persona-based onboarding experiences, ensure each factor, be it deploying onboarding questionnaires to creating trigger-based recommendations, is curated on the basis on some user action.

To keep users invested, use emotional hooks, gamification elements and involve user action by directing them through clear CTAs. Ensure the experience is value-driven, easy and hassle-free. Further, provide real-time onboarding assistance like AI-powered help desks and FAQs.

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