Use consumer-sourced marketing content on Instagram in 2022

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December 27, 2021, 12:38 PM GMT+0

This piece highlights emerging Instagram marketing trends that marketers can use in the new year.

While heading into 2022, brands should consider co-creating content with other brands or influencers. Leveraging Instagram’s collab feature and creating co-branded posts can help companies drive brand discovery and improve brand awareness. A native affiliate program can also help companies generate additional revenue and increase ROI from influencers.

As a significant percentage of consumers consider authenticity as a crucial factor when deciding which brands to support, companies should leverage consumer-sourced Instagram marketing content. Use Instagram’s tagging and hashtagging features to find user-generated content (UGC). Additionally, create a branded hashtag to easily locate UGC that mentions the brand.

Then, seek permission to share the content and always credit the original creator while sharing UGC. Further, leverage trends like live shopping, video formats from Reels to Stories, and Instagram Drops among others.

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