Pay more attention to purpose while deciding format for branded content

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December 29, 2021, 12:45 AM GMT+0

While videos rank higher for certain keywords, blog posts may perform better for other topics.

Brands must decide what kind of content they want to create and for what purpose. Blog posts can be divided into different formats, from listicles and how-to pieces, to opinion posts and reviews. So, marketers decide the purpose first and then match their content type, format and angle, to customer preferences.

Depending on the end-goal of the content, brands can experiment with search-optimised, link-bait, sales enablement, and thought leadership content types. Similarly, brands can promote content via newsletters or social platforms based on their end goal.

To promote content further, marketers can also reach out to the people mentioned in their content. Apart from the written content, brands must also focus on creating images that can help simplify complex topics and boost shareability. Brands can approach relevant bloggers and journalists with personalised emails, to widen their content’s reach.

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