Most creative agencies in the UK find marketing briefs unfocused and unclear

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December 30, 2021, 2:58 AM GMT+0

While most marketers feel they are good at writing briefs, most creative agencies feel the briefs they receive are not effective enough.

Though both marketers and creative agencies consider marketing briefs important and valuable, most marketing briefs are neglected. Around 82% of marketers and 83% of creative agencies agree that writing briefs is challenging. But, most creative agencies feel that most marketing briefs are unfocused, unclear, dull and thoughtless.

Only 37% of creative agencies feel marketing briefs are useful. For 55% of agencies surveyed, briefs lack clear objectives and outcomes. This is followed by a lack of clear strategy and problem definition (34%), general clarity (30%) and single-mindedness (10%).

However, most marketers and agencies agreed that to improve marketing briefs they need to be clearer about objectives, insights and target group definition. Additionally, 72% of marketers feel agency briefings could work better if the briefings were more structured.

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