Creating multiple videos on a specific topic can help boost YouTube watch time

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January 03, 2022, 2:00 PM GMT+0

Brands looking to increase the watch time of their YouTube videos should consider creating relevant and practical playlists.

To improve YouTube watch time, marketers should create practical playlists like “Recent Uploads” or “Most Popular Uploads” on their channel. They can also create playlists dedicated to customer testimonials.

Using cluster strategy – creating clusters of related content – can also help companies enhance the watch time of their YouTube videos. For instance, instead of creating a single video on a particular topic, brands can create several videos on the same topic and use one video to promote another. In addition to that, these videos can also show up as suggested content for other people’s videos.

Collaborating with YouTube influencers and posting new content on a consistent schedule can also help marketers boost engagement as well as increase watch time. Further, host live shows on the brand’s YouTube channel to interact with the audience, and add effective CTAs to encourage subscriptions, and use end screens and cards to promote branded content.

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