Pick a primary website colour that aligns with the product’s vibe

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January 03, 2022, 7:48 AM GMT+0

Use various colours with similar saturation or the same colour with different saturation to reinforce branding.

Businesses should select website colours strategically to make their brand more identifiable, as colours can increase recognition by an average of 80%, according to WebsiteBuilderExpert. Consider the product or service's feel when choosing a primary colour, and then look through colours that match that vibe.

Coloured logos must match the primary colour, and the right colour must be used to represent the emotion conveyed by the business. It is recommended to pick one or two colours that complement the brand's primary colour.

Choose a more subdued version of the primary colour and have a grey or white overlay for the background to highlight text better. Reverse highlight typefaces for links and vital information and use grey or grey-tinted colour on texts.

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