Finding relevant content on streaming services proving frustrating for users

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January 04, 2022, 3:50 AM GMT+0

An Accenture survey of 6,000 global consumers found that three in five streaming service subscribers are frustrated with their viewing experience.

While 44% of respondents said they spend more than six minutes searching for something to watch, 60% of consumers also felt the content they pay for is not relevant to them. Similarly, 56% of the subscribers surveyed said they wish their profile from one service could be easily shared with another service that may offer them more personalised content.

Consumers care more about the content offered by streaming services. But, with the growing number of services, they are also finding the navigating experience to be increasingly frustrating. The article suggests content aggregators could unify access across streaming services via application software, services and data-sharing agreements to address this concern.

To build consumer trust and convince them to share their personal data, content aggregators should also invest in data privacy and start planning for a distributed data model. A data-driven strategy can help aggregators improve customer experience by offering relevant and personalised content across platforms.

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